Who We Are

Step UP is Carpinteria High School's after school program. The program is funded by  a $1 Million Federal 21st Century grant. Step UP

provides FREE academic support and enrichment activities to all students at Carpinteria High School. Step UP works directly

with CHS teachers, staff and community partners to provide academic tutoring, assistance with college and career

planning, enrichment activities and community service opportunities. Step UP provides a free snack every

day to students who participate in after school programs or athletics. If you have read any research

on successful after school programs, you know that community based programs containing

community wide support and involvement leads to program sustainability and development!

In other words, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Stop by to see how you can get plugged in!  

Step UP is open every day after school from 3-6pm. Visit the Step UP office in B7 to get involved and learn more!

What We Offer


Academic Support                                                 Enrichment Activities

Community Service